What’s in Her Closet? Everything Fabulous! Katie Meyers

By Jules Aldaz Guerra

What is in her closet? When it comes to Katie Meyers’ closet, and that question is asked the answer would be everything FABULOUS you could imagine! You can’t help but fall in love with her iconic fashion sense and her timeless yet on-trend style.  We spoke about what and who inspires her, her lifestyle and some of her favorite fashion tips! 

Describe your style: I have a very 1970’s vibe. I love bell-bottoms, floral prints, midi skirts, high-waisted jeans, natural leather, and turquoise. My closet is a crazy mix of colors and patterns, and I like to change it up every day. I’ve been asking my close friends and family about this, to make sure I get it right. After getting the same answer from several people, I agree. The ‘70’s thing just happened naturally. I wear what I feel most confident and comfortable in.

Describe your lifestyle and how it influences your fashion sense: I work for KSAT 12’s “SA Live” – it’s an enjoyable and creative environment both on-air and off. I try to live as colorful a life outside work as well, filled with food, friends, family, and travel. I’ve always thought that my style should reflect that.

This life keeps me on the go. I’ll be at my desk and in meetings all day Monday, and then Tuesday I’ll be running around on set or at an outdoor shoot with the team. I also spend a lot of time in my hometown of Cleveland, Ohio – which is very different from San Antonio, just in climate alone! I have to have a versatile style that allows me to be comfortable in multiple environments.

What inspires you to try new things/trends? I follow a lot of people on social media that inspire my style. I’ve been following Blair Eadie of Atlantic-Pacific for as long as I’ve had Instagram, and Anine Bing is a new social media style-muse I recently started following. Even if I can’t afford some of the items they feature, I can always try and re-create a budget-friendly version on my own.

But it’s not just about the fashionistas. I get style inspiration from a lot of different people on social media. I follow a lot of hairstylists, makeup artists, nail technicians, videographers, photographers, interior designers – sometimes it’s a pop of color or a pattern, or just seeing someone live their best life, that can inspire me to try something new with my own, personal style.

Aside from social media, the people I work with are a big inspiration for me. SA Live producers Rossi and Jen and I are often swapping fashion tips or giving each other the scoop on a sale. We all own several of the same pieces – jewelry, shirts, dresses, and shoes. I am very fortunate to be surrounded by a group of women who want to collaborate and compliment and support each other, even when it comes to personal style.

Favorite fashion trend: High-waisted everything! I am so grateful this is in! It’s flattering, and it’s comfortable…high-waisted everything, please!

Name one person who has influenced you with your style: Growing up, I always remember my mom standing out. While other classroom moms came to help out in jeans and a t-shirt, my mom went in a floor-length, brown wool, turtleneck sweater dress, complete with her turquoise squash blossom necklace and knee-high heeled leather boots. She was always in trench coats and jumpsuits and Aztec-printed ponchos. She had these wide-rimmed, bright red glasses she’d wear on casual occasions and glamorous, sparkly ball gowns she’d wear to galas and dinner parties. She was always dressed to impress, and from where I was standing, she was still the best-dressed person in the room. I can give 100% credit to my mom for influencing my style… and indeed my entire life. But I don’t think we have enough room in this column to get into that. =)

Favorite fashion Tip: Three things:

Dress for the job you want, not the job you have. My parents both ran their own businesses and said this a lot to me growing up. Whether it’s a job interview you’re going on, or you’re interested in getting promoted within your current company, you want the people in charge to be able to envision you in that role.

Be authentic. You can still take my advice above and be true to who you are. There are occasions at work when it’s appropriate for me to wear a suit. But I’ll pair that suit with a floral shirt, a tie, a block heel or hoop earrings and suddenly I’ve made it my own.

 “Fit” beats everything else. It can be the best deal or the hottest designer or the most expensive piece of clothing you’ve ever seen, but if it doesn’t fit right, you’re not going to look or feel your best. I’ve received the most compliments on the cheapest clothing and accessories, and the weirdest looks towards some of my more expensive items, all because of the way they fit me.

Favorite place for fashion finds: Right now – my very favorite place to shop is Madewell. But I love, love, love finding a good deal at Nordstrom Rack, local consignment shops or Target. . 

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