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Who made the list? SA Scene’s 2018 Rising Star Doctors

Who made the list? SA Scene’s 2018 Rising Star Doctors

San Antonio’s doctors (36 years old and above practicing medicine), recently nominated doctors 35 years old and younger in practice, for our 2018 Rising Star Doctors feature. We are pleased to list this year’s Rising Stars representing hospitals, medical clinics and private practices in myriad specializations from across the area.


Congratulations to all our 2018 Rising Star Doctors!


(Every effort was made to confirm the information presented here.. S.A. Scene is not responsible for any inaccuracies in the information provided to the magazine.)


Adewale O. Adeniran, MD                        TSAOG Orthopaedics

Sarimar Agosto, MD                                University Medicine Associates – Texas Diabetes Institute Adult Endocrinology Clinic

Osama Ahmed, MD                                 Neurosurgery & Spine Consultants

David Aldrete, MD                                   Health Texas Medical Group

Bravein Amalakuhan, MD                         Texas IPS

Nehman Andry, MD                                 UT Health Physicians

Kamna Balhara, MD                                UT Health Physicians

Kelly Basaldua, MD                                 Southwest Children’s Center

Raheel Bengali, MD                                 Tricity Pain Associates

Naumit “Neel” S. Bhandari, MD                TSAOG Orthopaedics

Christina Bird, DO                                    UT Health Physicians

Brian T. Boies, MD                                  UT Health Physicians

Elizabeth Bowhay-Carnes, MD                 UT Health Physicians Cancer Center

Gregory Brunin, MD                                 Rashid, Rice, Flynn & Reilly Eye Associates

Amanda Bucheit, MD                               The START Center for Cancer Care

Haisar Dao Campi, MD                            UT Health Physicians

Philip Chen, MD                                      UT Health Physicians

Amy Cobb, MD                                        University Medicine Associates – University Family Health Center – Southwest Clinic

Tatiana Cordova, MD                               UT Health Physicians

Lindsey R. Cortes, MD                             University Medicine Associates – University Family Health – Southeast

Yvonne Covin, MD                                   UT Health Physicians

Renee DeLaTorre, MD                             University Medicine Associates – Southwest Clinic

Catherine Do, MD                                    UT Health Physicians

Leanna Dolson, MD                                 UT Health Physicians

Laura Dominguez, MD                             UT Health Physicians, UT Voice Center

Courtney Failor, MD                                RMA of Texas

Romeo Fairley, MD                                  UT Health Physicians

Jay K. Ferrell, MD                                    UT Health Physicians

Lauren Gallagher, MD                              University Medicine Asociates – Robert B. Green Clinical Pavilion – Pedi Express

Samir J. Gandhi, MD                               UT Health Physicians

Elizabeth de la Garza, MD                       Seven Oaks Women’s Center

Melanie P. Gonzalez-Oliva, OD                Rashid, Rice, Flynn & Reilly Eye Associates

Megan Hogue, MD                                  Southwest Children’s Center

Donald Hope, MD                                    SAMMC

Vidhya Illuri, MD                                      University Medicine Associates – Texas Diabetes Institute Adult Endocrinology Clinic

Kayla Ireland, MD                                    UT Health Physicians

Jason Kempenich, MD                             UT Health Physicians

Holly Keyt, MD                                        UT Health Physicians

David J. Kim, MD                                     Tricity Pain Associates

Anneliese Kistler, MD                              Seven Oaks Women’s Center

Hana Kwan, MD                                      SAMMC

Patricia M Lacsina, MD                            University Medicine Associates – Medical Center Pavillion Express Med

Veronica Lao, MD                                    UT Health Physicians

Enchen M. Liu, MD                                  Retina Associates of South Texas

Hannah McKee-Kennedy, MD                  University Medicine Associates – University Family Health Center – Southeast Clinic

Ayesha Mohiuddin, MD, FAAP                 The Children’s Hospital of San Antonio Primary Care – Alon Town Centre

Kanishka Monis, MD                                Tricity Pain Associates

Maria Montanez Villacampa, MD              UT Health Physicians

Caitlyn Mooney, MD                                University Medicine Associates – Medical Center Pavilion Pediatric Clinic

Cheryl Leah Motta, MD                            Pediatrix Medical Group

Amanda Murray, DO                                UT Health Physicians

Tareq Nassar, MD                                   UT Health Physicians

Lane Naugher, MD TSAOG Orthopaedics

Clayton W. Nuelle, MD                             TSAOG Orthopaedics

Julin Nuelle, MD                                      SAMMC

Oluwatosin Omole, MD                            University Medicine Associaties – Robert B. Green Adult Continuity Clinic

Fabiana Ortiz-Figueroa, MD                     UT Health Physicians

Miguel Palacios, MD                                UT Health Physicians

Swetha Pathi, MD                                    University Medicine Associates – University Family Health – Sourtheast Clinic

Steven Ramos, MD                                 Health Texas Medical Group

Tharani Ravi, MD                                    UT Health Physicians

Amanda Reeck, MD                                UT Health Physicians

Orlando Rodriguez, MD                           Health Texas Medical Group

Prisiliano Salas, Jr., MD                           ALON Family Health

Aman Sandhu, MD                                  Texas Dermatology and Laser Specialists

Michael Shoffeitt, MD                              UT Health Physicians

Cesar A. Silva, MD                                  Health Texas Medical Group

Jessica Solis-McCarthy, MD                     UT Health Physicians

Lora Spiller, MD                                      Center for Miracles

Robert Svatek, MD                                  UT Health Physicians – Cancer Center

Mandie Svatek, MD                                 UT Health Physicians

Aziz Tejani, MD                                       Heath Texas Medical Group – Lexington Clinic

Pavan Thangudu, MD                              Texas IPS

Isaac Tong, MD                                       Tricity Pain Associates

Alessandro Valverde, MD                         Family Medical Home

Ryan Van Ramshorst, MD                        UT Health Physicians

Krista Vizuete, MD                                   Southwest Children’s Center

Manuel Vogt, DO                                     San Antonio Medical Associates

Corey Waldman, MD                               UT Health Physicians

Elise Walker, MD                                     Health Texas Medical Group

Browning S. Wayman, MD                       UT Health Physicians

Wisdeen Wu, DO                                     UT Health Physicians

Christopher York, MD                              ENT Clinics of San Antonio