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100 Most Expensive Homes in SA

100 Most Expensive Homes in SA

1. Michael W. and Candace Humphreys
$11,428,020 (Terrell Hills)
Last Year: No. 1
The former director of a telecommunications infrastructure GIS provider in Florida, Mr. Humphreys and his wife Candace have lived in their 16,000+ square foot home for eleven years.

2. Rodney and Kim Lewis
$8,008,250 (Olmos Park)
Last Year: No. 2
Mr. Lewis is founder and chief executive of Lewis Energy, an oil and gas exploration firm whose success in South Texas has put him on the short list of San Antonio’s billionaires (per Forbes magazine).

3. Robert and Sandora Kolitz
(Hill Country Village)
Last Year: No. 3
Mr. Kolitz is the president of Golden Feather Realty Services, a firm whose major customers is reportedly the Department of Housing and Urban Development. Their home, more than 24,000 square feet on 30 acres of land, was listed for sale at $17.5 million. The Kolitzes are major supporters of the Cancer Therapy and Research Center.

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4. David and Karen Zachry
$6,708,540 (Downtown)
Last Year: 5
Mr. Zachry is the president of the Zachry Corporation division of the old H.B. Zachry Corp. in charge of heavy civil construction, as well as subsidiaries like Capitol Aggregates, Sunset Station and the Hilton Palacio del Rio.

5. Edward & Linda Whitacre, Jr.
$6,692,350 (Terrell Hills)
Last Year: No. 4
Mr. Whitacre moved to San Antonio when he brought Southwestern Bell’s corporate headquarters to Houston Street. He oversaw a series of acquisitions that grew the firm into AT&T, then retired, only to be appointed interim CEO of General Motors as it struggled through bankruptcy. His 2013 memoir of that period is entitled American Turnaround: Reinventing AT&T and GM and the Way We Do Business in the USA.

6. Thomas Moorman
$6,380,500 (Terrell Hills)
Last Year: No. 6
Mr. Moorman is president of Moorman Kerr Land & Cattle Company and nephew of famed oilman Tom Slick. Their home, consisting of about 11,000 square feet of enclosed living area, has been listed for sale for more than $10 million in recent years.

7. Tony Parker
$6,275,000 (Anaqua Springs)
Last Year: No. 7
Mr. Parker is known throughout the NBA and in Europe as an extremely quick point guard on several title-winning basketball teams. When he is in San Antonio, he lives in this palatial home with his wife, Axele Francine, and their young son.

8. Berkley & Bonnie Dawson
$5,575,000 (Terrell Hills)
Last Year: No. 8
Berkely and his brother Vincent Dawson are former owners of BudCo., the beer distributorship for Anheuser-Busch and Grupo Modelo. Under their ownership, the firm’s market share grew from 27% to 60%, according to the Express-News, before they sold the firm in 2007 and launched an investment firm, Dawson

9. Nicolas and Aliece Hollis
$5,295,900 (Terrell Hills)
Last Year: No. 10
Mr. and Mrs. Hollis are active in social and philanthropic ventures, often serving as hosts for non-profit and sometimes political fundraisers at their red brick manse on approximately nine acres of Terrell Hills land.

10. Christopher Goldsbury, Jr.
$5,140,000 (Alamo Heights)
Last Year: No. 9
Mr. Goldsbury built Pace Picante into a national brand, sold to Campbell Foods for slightly more than $1 billion and launched Silver Ventures, a private equity firm known for the Pearl and hotel ownership. Mr. Goldsbury appeared on the Forbes list of world’s billionaires in 2014

11. William and Jo Frances (Sugar) Barnes
$5,132,690 (Alamo Heights)
Last Year: 11
The Barnses live in a 5-bedroom, 5-bath home with approximately 8,300 square feet in Alamo Heights. He retired as senior vice president and chief financial officer of Rockwell International in 2001. He has since served on the board of directors of AMD. The couple has donated generously to Texas A&M.

12. Richard and Mary Azar
$5,075,000 (Terrell Hills)
Last Year: No. 12
Mr. and Mrs. Azar are the co-owners of San Antonio Gas & Oil, and Mr. Azar, according to a business bio on Bloomberg, has more than 30 years as a leader in the Texas and Oklahoma energy industry. He is now listed as a partner in Save On Energy, Ltd.

13. Stefan and Veronica Kiesz
$4,444,640 (The Dominion)
Last Year: No. 13
Dr. Kiesz is the president and CEO of San Antonio Endovascular & Heart Institute and Mrs. Kiesz is identified as administrator of that facility.

14. Harbi and Lou Ann Shadfan$4,414,570 (Boerne)
Last Year: 95
Dr. Shadfan founded SA Scientific in 1984, and has been the owner and manager of SA Scientific, LTD in San Antonio since then. The company is involved in manufacturing clinical diagnostic test kits and reagents for human, veterinary, and food safety industries. 

15. Patricia Cerisola
$4,300,000 (Terrell Hills)
Last Year: No. 14
Mrs. Cerisola is the wife of Pedro Cerisola Benvenutti, who is the uncle of Pedro Cerisola y Weber, former Secretary of Communications of Mexico under Presidente Fox. Her home, most of which was built in 1922, sits on a little more than two acres.

16. Tammy Watts
$4,278,460 (The Dominion)
Last Year: No. 17
Tammy is Executive Director of Rapha God Ministries, a ministry providing free Christian prayer counseling to those in need.

17. James & Kristine Ellis
$4,175,000 (Terrell Hills)
Last Year: No. 18
The Ellises added their impressive new 8,400-square-foot home to the Terrell Hills landscape just a few years ago. Mr. Ellis was senior executive vice president and general counsel for AT&T for 20 years.

18. John and Laura Zachry
$4,152,000 (Terrell Hills)
Last Year: No. 16
Mr. Zachry is the chairman and CEO of Zachry Group, the division of the former H.B. Zachry Corp. that handles engineering, construction and maintenance of projects in heavy industries like power, energy and petrochemical plants.

19. Darren Casey
$4,150,000 (Terrell Hills)
Last Year: No. 15
Mr. Casey is the founder and president of Casey Development, Ltd, which has developed more than two million square feet of commercial and multi-family property in the San Antonio area and recently occupied the Clear Channel Communications building on Basse Road.

19. Jessica Worth
$4,150,000 (Olmos Park)
Last Year: No. 19
Mrs. Worth, the daughter of Rodney and Kim Lewis (No. 2 above), is married to Clint Worth of R.L. Worth and Associates, a successful commercial real estate firm.

21. Harvey Najim
$4,148,620 (Shavano Park)
Last Year: No. 22
Having recently sold Sirius Computer Solutions, Inc., Mr. Najim can focus more sharply on the philanthropic endeavors for which he has become well known and admired. He set up the Harvey E. Najim Family Foundation in 2006 to support children’s charitable organizations in the area and, through the foundation, donated generously to the Children’s Hospital of San Antonio.

22. Red and Charline McCombs
$4,120,000 (Olmos Park)
Last Year: No. 20
Mr. McCombs needs no introduction. His automotive (Red McCombs Automotive Group) and communications (Clear Channel) empire supported the purchase of NBA (Nuggets, Spurs) and NFL (Vikings) franchises, major philanthropic contributions to the University of Texas at Austin and various pursuits in real estate and finance. Forbes rates him as one of San Antonio’s billionaires.

23. Deborah Butt Rogers
$4,100,000 (Terrell Hills)
Last Year: No. 21
Mrs. Rogers is the daughter of H.E. Butt, Jr. and collaborates with husband David Rogers to lead
Foundations for Laity Renewal, which includes a popular Christian youth camp and retreat center on the Frio River between Leakey and Kerrville.
24. Spitfire Realty
$4,038,000 (Hill Country Village)
Last Year: 24
Online resources indicate that Spitfire Realty LLC is a business name associated with Rodney Lewis of Lewis Energy. Zillow describes the property as “absolutely incredible” with a five-bedroom, five-bath, 10,000-square-foot home on 4.5 acres.

25. Annabell Sweeney Ames
$3,999,150 (Terrell Hills)
Last Year: No. 23
Mrs. Ames is the owner of Hanley-Wood, an upscale gift store in Alamo Heights. The Ames family is also identified with the oil industry. Bexar Appraisal District appraised their lot – 3.25 acres at a prestigious corner – at $1.96 million.

No. 26. George and Norma Strait -Mr. Strait is one of the most popular and successful country music performers in history. He called it a career in 2014 with his Cowboy Rides Away Tour with record-setting ticket sales. He can still be found on an occasional automobile commercial.

26. George and Norma Strait
Currently up for sale
Last year: No. 27
Mr. Strait is one of the most popular and successful country music performers in history. He called it a career in 2014 with his Cowboy Rides Away Tour with record-setting ticket sales. He can still be found on an occasional automobile commercial.

27. Janet and James Dicke, II
$3,955,000 (Olmos Park)
108 Thelma Drive
Last Year: 26
Mr. Dicke hails from the small town of New Breman, Ohio, where his family business, Crown Equipment, manufactures what they call “The BMW of Forklifts.” The last privately owned forklift company in the U.S., the Dickes’ family firm reported 2006 sales of $1.7 billion. Mr. Dicke is known in San Antonio as a prominent figure at Trinity University: member of the class of 1968, member of the board of trustees, chairman of the board of trustees and generous donor.

28. Robert Tucker Hayes
$3,910,200 (Terrell Hills)
Last Year: No. 25
Mr. Hayes is the president of the Robert Tucker Hayes Foundation, which is headquartered in Dallas. He is the former chairman of Hayes Leasing Company, which was the Avis rental franchisee in major Texas cities.

29. John and
Marsha Shields
$3,864,000 (Olmos Park)
Last Year: No. 29
Mr. Shields is a former Texas State Representative and an attorney in private practice. Mrs. Shields is the daughter of Red McCombs and has worked for McCombs Enterprises for 38 years, according to her LinkedIn profile, with the last ten as president of the McCombs Foundation.

30. Ashley Irvin Weaver
$3,834,330 (Olmos Park)
Last Year: No. 31
Mrs. Weaver is the owner and general manager of Kiddie Park on Broadway, which she and her husband Rad purchased and revitalized several years ago. Rad Weaver is the CEO of McCombs Partners.

31. Peter and Julianna Holt
$3,825,000 (Terrell Hills)
Last Year: No. 28
Mr. Holt is the managing partner of the San Antonio Spurs and related entities that own the NBA franchise, the WNBA Silver Stars, the minor league Rampage hockey team, and the AT&T Center arena management firm. His family also owns the largest Caterpillar franchise in the U.S. — the entire state of Texas.

32. Timothy Dean Word Family Trust
$3,800,000 (Alamo Heights)
Last Year: No. 30
Mr. Word operates New Braunfels-based Dean Word Company, a firm known for its road- and bridge-building work, as well as mining and construction services to private sector/corporate clientele.

33. Jeffery Jaffe
$3,766,200 (Olmos Park)
Last Year: No. 35
Mr. Jaffe is the son of Horseshoe Bay Resort founder Morris Jaffe and Jeanette Longoria. He was president at one time of Central Park Mall, Inc., which was across San Pedro from North Star Mall before its demolition.

34. David and Karen Zachry
$3,737,000 (Terrell Hills)
Last Year: No. 33
Mr. Zachry is the president of the Zachry Corporation division of the old H.B. Zachry Corp. in charge of heavy civil construction, as well as subsidiaries like Capitol Aggregates, Sunset Station and the Hilton Palacio del Rio.

35. Richard Dietz
$3,728,840 (The Dominion)
Last Year: No. 32
Mr. Dietz, the former vice president of Investor Relations at AT&T, resides in a house that is nearly 9,000 square feet, plus porches and outbuildings, on 1.3 acres in the Dominion.

36. Frank and Nancy Kudla
$3,655,000 (The Dominion)
Last Year: No. 37
Mr. and Mrs. Kudla are associated with the Kudla Family Trust. They co-founded an information technology firm, dNovus RDI, and have been associated with other companies, including commercial real estate firm FNK Ventures. They live in a 9,000+ square foot house on a little over an acres in the Dominion.

37. A. Lanham and Dacia Napier
$3,650,000 (Alamo Heights)
Last Year: No. 36
Mr. Napier is the former CEO of Rackspace Hosting credited with helping grow the company’s revenue from $1.5 million in 2006 to $1.5 billion in 2014, before his sudden retirement in 2014. The Austin Business Journal reports that he and two other “Rackers” have formed BuildGroup Management LLC, a venture capital firm.

37. Scott Petty, Jr.
$3,650,000 (Alamo Heights)
Last Year: No. 33
Mr. Petty is the former long-time chairman of C.H. Guenther & Son, Inc. (parent company of Pioneer Flour and other brands). He now manages Petty Interests, a variety of firms in ranching and natural resources headquartered in a stone and glass office building he built and owns on Austin Highway.

39. Gabriel and Teresa Khodr
$3,600,000 (The Dominion)
Last Year: No. 37
Dr. Gabriel Khodr is an obstetrician and gynecologist who specializes in medical genetics at Southwest Genetics. Dr.Theresa Siler-Khodr is also an OB/GYN, but with a specialty in endocrinology and the president of the Center for Investigation of Cell Regulation and Replication.

40. William and Sarah Powell
$3,550,000 (Terrell Hills)
Last Year: No. 39
Dr. William Cameron Powell is the cofounder and chief medical officer of AirStrip Technologies, a company that employs the power of mobile communications to speed the delivery and accuracy of health care.

41. Clark and Martha Mandigo, II
$3,460,000 (Terrell Hills)
Last Year: No. 41
From 1981 to 1991, Mr. Mandigo was president and CEO of Intelogic Trace, a firm that sold and leased computer and communications systems. Then he entered the food business with Lone Star Steakhouse & Saloon, Inc. and became a franchisee of Papa John’s Pizza. He also serves as a trustee for various funds managed by U.S. Global Investors.

42. Francis and Catherine Burzik
$3,425,000 (Alamo Heights)
Last Year: No. 45
Mrs. Burzik is the former director, president and CEO of Kinetic Concepts. She serves as Chair of the Board of Directors of the American College of Wound Healing and Tissue Repair. The Burziks are the founders of the Catherine & Francis Burzik Foundation, which benefits higher education and the performing arts, including a notable donation of $250,000 to endow an engineering chair at UTSA.

43. Nayeli Properties, LLC – Felipe Jimenez
$3,420,000 (The Dominion)
Last Year: 43
Mr. Jimenez is listed as the agent for Nayeli Properties, owner of this Dominion home. Mr. Jimenez’s office is in Boerne, but his secretary declined to say who resides in the Dominion home. Zillow lists the home as 7,119 square feet on 0.99 acres.

44. John and Margaret Nebens
$3,399,000 (Terrell Hills)
Last Year: No. 44
Mr. Nebens is a senior vice president and financial advisor with Wells Fargo Advisors. Their home features more than 10,000 square feet of living area on 64 hundredths of an acre.

45. R.C. and Elizabeth Buford
$3,377,550 (Terrell Hills)
Last Year: No. 46
Mr. Buford is the president of sport franchises for Spurs Sports and Entertainment as well as the general manager of the San Antonio Spurs.

46. Ahmad and Sara Zabihian
$3,308,250 (The Champions Estates)
Last Year: No. 53
Mr. Zabihian is the president of World Car Motors.

47. Sanjay and Swapnil Misra
$3,300,000 (Greystone Country Estates)
Last Year: No. 42
Dr. Misra is an orthopaedic surgeon affiliated with the Orthopaedic Center of San Antonio. Mrs. Misra is listed as the owner of a Kids R Kids child care center in Stone Oak.

48. Jeffrey and Anne Zachry Rochelle
$3,285,000 (Alamo Heights)
Last Year: No. 47
Mr. Rochelle is a managing partner and executive vice president of RamRoc Construction Company as well as the chairman of the board of directors for Good Samaritan Community Services.

49. Richard and Christy Lindner
$3,280,000 (Terrell Hills)
Last Year: No. 48
Mr. Lindner is the former senior executive vice president and CFO of AT&T.

50. Draco Hoke Trust c/o Frank Ruttenberg
$3,270,000 (The Hermitage)
Last Year: 51

51. Tommy Lee Jones
$3,244,500 (Terrell Hills)
Last Year: No. 50
Mr. Jones is an American actor and filmmaker. He has received four Academy Award nominations, winning Best Supporting Actor for his performance as U.S. Marshal “Samuel Gerard” Samuel Gerard in the 1993 thriller film Fugitive. His other notable starring roles include former Texas Ranger Division Woodrow F. Call in the TV mini-series Lonesome Dove, the Men in Black film series and a host of other films and nominations.

52. Jon and Shannon Turner
$3,226,100 (Terrell Hills)
Last Year: No. 52
Mr. Turner is a vice chairman of San Antonio-based TETCO, which partnered with the Tom Turner Family Foundation to present a $50,000 gift to the nonprofit Returning Heroes Home in Dec. 2013.

53. Izmir, LLC (Businessman Izmir Abbud)
$3,216,540 (The Dominion)
Last Year: 58

54. John and Jocelyn (Theard) Battles
$3,210,050 (Hill Country Village)
Last Year: No. 54
Mr. Battles is a business administrator and developer. Dr. Theard developed the Theda Oaks Ambulatory
Surgical Center.

55. Mario and Elva Rapanotti
$3,209,880 (Alamo Heights)
Last Year: Not Ranked
Drs. Mario and Elva Rapanotti own the Rapanotti Dental practice in North San Antonio.

56. Martin and Denise Landon
$3,209,250 (Olmos Park)
Last Year: No. 59
Mr. Landon is the CEO of CeloNova BioSciences, a San Antonio-based company that manufactures interventional cardiology and endovascular products. He is the former CEO of The Scooter Store and former executive vice president and CFO of Kinetic Concepts.

57. Thomas and Maria Brundage
$3,200,000 (Terrell Hills)
Last Year: No. 55
Mr. Brundage is the president of Sun Loan Company and A-AAA Key Mini Storage.

58. Eilene Sullivan
$3,188,000 (Terrell Hills)
Last Year: No. 49
Mrs. Sullivan is the former chair of the University of the Incarnate Word board of trustees. In Sept. 2013, the Ruth Eilene Sullivan Ceramic and Sculpture Studios at the University of the Incarnate Word were dedicated to Mrs. Sullivan.

59. Bruce and Gail Smith
$3,170,000 (Terrell Hills)
Last Year: No. 57
Mr. Smith is the CEO of One Cypress Energy and former CEO of Tesoro Corporation.

60. Morris and Deborah Miller
$3,125,000 (Olmos Park)
Last Year: No 61
Mr. Miller is the CEO of Xenex Healthcare Services and cofounder of Rackspace.

61. Patrick and Joan Kennedy
$3,110,890 (Terrell Hills)
Last Year: No. 60
Mr. Kennedy is the founder of the Watermark Hotel Company

62. Walter and Katherine Brown, Jr.
$3,100,000 (Alamo Heights)
Last Year: No. 63
Mr. Brown was the vice president of San Antonio-based Del Ray Oil, Inc. as well as vice president of Canadian company W.F. Brown Exploration, Ltd.

63. Brandon E. Grossman
$3,090,000 (Alamo Heights)
Last Year: Not Ranked
Mr. Grossman is CEO of BG Group, LLC & partnered with Burger World Texas, LLC. BG Group LLC is a diverse investment holding company. Burger World Texas holds the master franchise for BurgerFi restaurants to be developed in the Texas market. Burger World Texas currently owns and operates 7 stores and are in process of developing the state of Nevada.

64. Robert Elizondo
$3,059,100 (The Dominion)
Last Year: No. 69
Mr. Elizondo is the chairman of the board of trustees at St. Mary’s University and a retired vice president of operations in the Americas for UPS.

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65. Paul Boskind
$3,056,610 (Downtown)
Last Year: No. 71
Dr. Boskind is the owner and CEO of Deer Oaks, a behavioral healthcare organization. He has produced several Broadway productions, including the 2011 revival of The Normal Heart and the Terrence McNally play Mothers and Sons.

66. William and Margaret Klesse
$3,056,090 (Elmcreek)
Last Year: 72
Mr. Klesse is the former chairman of the board, chief executive officer and president of Valero Energy Corporation.
He and his wife Margaret were recently awarded the Beacon Award for their passionate service and many contributions to the San Antonio community.

67. Bradley Martin, Jr.
$3,051,860 (Terrell Hills)
Last Year: No. 64
Mr. Martin is the director and chairman of the International Evangelism Association and the grandson of Henry Phipps, Jr., a business partner in Carnegie Steel Company.

68. John and Linda Graham
$3,050,000 (Terrell Hills)
Last Year: No. 68

Mr. Graham is the chairman of St. Louis-based Fleishman-Hillard International Communications.

69. Mark Watson, Jr.
$3,039,000 (Terrell Hills)
Last Year: No. 66
Mr. Watson is the owner of Watson Management Group and Diamond K Ranch as well as the former Texas Parks & Wildlife Commissioner.

70. Keith and Cynthia Booke
$2,987,000 (Terrell Hills)
Last Year: 81
Mr. Booke is the former Executive VP and Chief Administrative Officer at Valero Energy.

71. Cassandra Carr
$2,985,000 (Midtown)
Last Year: No. 73
Ms. Carr is the director of MGIC Investment Group. She spent nine years as Senior Adviser for Public Strategies and held several senior-level positions with SBC Communications.

72. Barry and Elizabeth McAllen Roberts
$2,975,380 (Terrell Hills)
Last Year: No. 65
Mr. Roberts is the operations manager and co-trustee of Coates Energy. Mrs. Roberts is the creator of the online apparel line Elizabeth Roberts Collection.

73. John and Barbara Cantrell
2,960,000 (Terrell Hills)
Last Year: No. 74
Mr. Cantrell is the former president of Power Soak Systems.

74. Barbara Baugh
$2,952,630 (The Dominion)
Last Year: 94
Ms. Baugh is the president of the John and Eula Mae Baugh Foundation and daughter of Sysco Corp founders John and Eula Mae Baugh.

75. Curtis Gunn, Jr. and Kathleen Gunn
$2,950,000 (Olmos Park)
Last Year: No. 89
Mr. Gunn is chairman of the board of Gunn Automotive Group.

75. Todd and Anna Wulfe
$2,950,000 (Alamo Heights)
Last Year: No. 62
Mr. Wulfe is the CEO of Precision Mold & Tool Government Division, an aerospace parts manufacturing company, and the son of Sonny Wulfe, cofounder of Alamo Aircraft Supply.

77. Mark and Patricia Mays
$2,930,000 (Alamo Heights)
Last Year: No. 81
Mr. Mays is the former president and CEO of Clear Channel Communications. He serves on the national board of Boy Scouts of America.

78. Gilbert Hodge
$2,927,500 (Briggs Ranch)
Last Year: No. 77
Mr. Hodge is the president of Gil Hodge Aviation, Inc. He was part of the group that in 2001 developed the Golf Club of Texas at Briggs Ranch, which was sold in May 2014.

79. James and Kelly Daniell
$2,924,450 (Terrell Hills)
Last Year: No. 79
Mr. Daniell is the owner of JD Properties.

80. Roy Terracina
$2,923,780 (Alamo Heights)
Last Year: No. 78
Mr. Terracina is the CEO of Sunshine Ventures, Inc and the chairman of the board of trustees of Our Lady of the
Lake University.

81. Anthony and Claudette Gentry
$2,906,410 (The Dominion)
Last Year: 80

82. Lawrence and Laura Conn
$2,900,000 (Terrell Hills)
Last Year: 37
Mr. Conn is a principal in L-C Concrete, Inc., L-C Transport LLC and real estate interests in San Antonio.

82. Rodney and Kimbery Lewis
$2,900,000 (Terrell Hills)
Last Year: No. 88
Mr. Lewis is the founder and CEO of San Antonio-based Lewis Energy Group. He serves on the Board of Directors for
the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum.

82. Dan Hughes, Jr. and Peggy Hughes
$2,900,000 (Terrell Hills)
Last Year: 88
Mr. Hughes co-Founded Maverick American Natural Gas, LLC. and serves as its Chief Executive Officer and Chairman.

82. Arun and Karuna Verma
$2,900,000 (Shavano Park)
Last Year: No. 81
Mr. Verma is the founder and chairman of the board of trustees of contracting firm Galaxy Companies.

86. Douglas Miller
$2,893,000 (Hill Country Village)
Last Year: No. 86
Mr. Miller is a partner in the family-owned business Bill Miller Bar-B-Q.

87. Peter Holt and Lauren Holt
$2,890,000 (Alamo Heights)
Last Year: 74
Mr. Holt is the is the executive vice president/general manager of HOLT CAT®. Mr. Holt is the son of Peter M. Holt, CEO of HOLT CAT®.

88. Sam and Gayle Youngblood
$2,865,000 (Terrell Hills)
Last Year: 85

89. Pat Maloney, Jr. Family Trust
$2,860,000 (Monte Vista)
Last Year: 89
Mr. Maloney owns a law practice and is a Personal Injury Lawyer.

90. James and Paula Callaway
$2,851,000 (Alamo Heights)
Last Year: No. 96
Mr. Callaway is the former senior executive vice president for executive operations of AT&T.

91. Gary and Glenda Woods
$2,825,000 (Olmos Park)
Last Year: 100
Mr. Woods, has been the President of McCombs Enterprises, Inc. since 1979. Mr. Woods serves as President and Chief Operating Officer at Red McCombs Hyundai Ltd. He is also an Owner of Northside Ford. He is a Owner of Kinetica Partners LLC.

92. Sondra L. Grohman
$2,822,240 (Shavano Park)
Last Year: Not Ranked
Ms. Grohman is President and CEO of Shining Star Energy. Shining Star Energy has partnered with Alamo Valero Bowl to provide more than 350 underpriviledged citywide girls and boys with a day long football clinic experience. 

93. Christopher Hall
$2,821,550 (Hill Country Village)
Last Year: No. 96
Mr. Hall is the chairman of Call Now, Inc.

94. Robert and Susan Shaw
$2,821,070 (Terrell Hills)
Last Year: 91

95. Casey Family Living Trust
$2,808,870 (Terrell Hills)
Last Year: 93

96. Harry Affleck, Jr. and Linda Affleck
$2,800,000 (Terrell Hills)
Last Year: No. 74
Mr. Affleck is the owner of Commercial Realty Corporation.

96. Brian and Kristi Alfaro
$2,800,000 (Shavano Park)
Last Year: No. 92
Mr. Alfaro is the president of Primera Energy, Alfaro Energy and Alfaro Oil and Gas.

96. Marcus Barrett, III and Mary Barrett
$2,800,000 (Terrell Hills)
Last Year: 96
Mr. Barrett is CEO of Barrett Brothers Oil & Gas, Inc.

99. John Walker
$2,788,920 (The Dominion)
Last Year: Not Ranked

100. Marie Halff
$2,784,550 (Terrell Hills)
Last Year: 99
Mrs. Halff is a McNay Art Museum emeritus museum trustee. She is also trustee of the G.A.C. Halff Foundation and wife of the late Hugh Halff, Jr.