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A Second Good Album

A Second Good Album

by Faith Duarte | Photo by Josh Huskin

This past April, singer/songwriter Nicolette Good launched a fundraising campaign using the crowd-funding website Kickstarter, and in May, subsequently managed to successfully raise more than the $7,000 needed to record and produce her upcoming second album.

Overall, of the 146 backers who contributed to the project, pledges ranged from a $5 high-five to a $500 song written by Good for the backer. Unexpectedly, one individual, an acquaintance of Good, pledged at the $500 level for her to write a song for the backer as part of a marriage proposal to his girlfriend.

“One of the levels was that I would write a song for you if you pledged at that level, and I didn’t expect anyone to pledge it, but someone did,” the winner of the 2012 Grassy Hill Kerrville New Fold competition said over the phone, a few hours before her July 12 set with Austin-based singer/songwriter Colin Gilmore at Barriba Cantina on the Riverwalk.

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