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Superheroes Invade San Antonio!

Superheroes Invade San Antonio!

by Tim Luukkonen

For fans of comics, Power Rangers, Batman and the Walking Dead, the inaugural Alamo City Comic Con had it all. Drawing in more than 5,000 fans its first day, the Henry B. Gonzalez Center was packed throughout the weekend. Like with any comic convention, the highlight of the event itself was a mix between chatting with celebrities like Steven Yeun, who plays Glenn Rhee on the hit show The Walking Dead, and spotting all the wonderful cosplayers dressed up as their favorite fantasy character.

Judging by the sheer number of attendees, the event was a huge success. The lines for autographs stretched across the main convention floor, and a walk that would normally take a few minutes from one end of the convention hall to the other took over 30 minutes due to the sheer number of fanboys and fangirls eager to see their favorite heroes and villains come to life.

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