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Meat and Greet

Meat and Greet

by Meredith Kay

Everyone loves chocolate chip cookies, but until you’ve had Laura Sawicki’s Chocolate Chip Bacon Cookies, you truly haven’t tasted heaven. I began my journey to carnivorous gluttony with dessert and proceeded to literally eat until I could eat no more. The event was Meatopia, and on Nov. 3, The Pearl played host to over 30 chefs from around the country who were grilling, smoking, roasting and chopping their way into the hearts and stomachs of the 3,000 meat eaters in attendance.

Meatopia is the creation of New York based food writer Josh Ozersky, and this year’s event marks the ninth annual Meatopia with a change in venue. Ozersky wanted to take his event to a new level by taking it to the meat capital of the United States, the glorious land of Texas. It was a huge honor that he selected our hungry city to host this event, and the Alamo City did not disappoint.

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