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Style Your Life

I like to describe my title as a Mover and a Dresser. My Interest in fashion started at the age of 10 and I always knew Fashion would be the career choice I would decide to do growing up. My passion started with designing clothing and Styling happened by accident by discovering a new passion by creating looks for clients while working Retail. The ability to make a woman feel confident by the selections I chose became an addiction and came easy to me. I like to describe my vision as the Magic Eye and bringing a character into life. So starting the Zeelas brand was no surprise and I wanted to share a little bit of my personal style with others. I have always dreamed of owning my own clothing brand and creating a culture into people lives. To remind woman to be wild and free enough to scream out who they are through style and creativity.

Don’t give people too many things to look at all at once, In other words if you’re wearing a low-cut dress, focus on the cleavage, you don’t also need bare arms and legs. Less is more and can still be sexy. If you have to question if you are too matchy matchy, or wearing too much then you probably are. Be Yourself and most importantly ask yourself if you feel confident, if they answer is YES then that’s all that matters.

Im all for making a statement. My favorite items are a statement earring or an amazing jacket. I love pairing statement pieces to basic simple looks and its amazing what a statement Moto Jacket can do to your whole look. My best advice that has been shared with me is to “JUST GO FOR IT”.Take the risk and accept all failures as stepping stones to the final win. Success does not happen overnight so be patient with your Dreams.