LA Fashion Meets SA Style

Meet Roger Canamar!  

by Jules Aldaz Guerra, Fashion advisor

Calling all you fashionistas!  There is a new designer in town, Roger Canamar!  He creates these absolutely gorgeous designs and it all began 4 years ago with one dress and a dream! Within months of creating a small collection, he was dressing Orange County’s most discriminating women of style. 

Roger’s take on fashion has always been to design beautiful and sophisticated clothing that women want to wear.

While meeting with Roger, one can’t help but feel delightful and know he is going to be the designer for you!  We sat down to chat about what inspires him and what motivates him to design.  It was great to get to know such a down to earth, warm, yet so very talented human being.  

Roger, what inspires you while you are designing?

I feel fashion today has forgotten the women wanting to have coverage, therefore, I have designed a collection of Stoles and Cover ups. My pieces evoke a feeling of femininity and a timeless approach to modern dressing.  I draw inspiration from classic films and the era of Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn! Much of my inspiration is drawn from 1950’s Paris Haute Couture and the simplicity of the early 1990’s.

Why women’s wear? It just seemed to have come naturally and have always admired and payed attention to my mom when she dressed for special occasions. I was a stock boy at 22 in a high-end boutique and one day they were short on the sales floor, and the owner told me to go home change put a tie on and the rest is history!! 

I usually don’t do gowns but have for private clients. I tend to specialize in Cocktail Resort. 

From LA to SA…why the change? I wanted to come back to my roots…come back to y hometown and where I was born!  I moved to California as a child, have always loved my San Antonio! I decided my love for San Antonio is where I wanted to make my mark and bring High Fashion to this amazing city. I’m currently with Sloan Hall in San Antonio and Houston. I also cater to private clientele by appointment. 

Describe The Roger Canamar customer.  She is a strong, confident and a remarkable woman who is elegant and celebrates her femininity no matter what her age is from mid 30’s on up to her 60’s!  The most rewarding moment is when I get a call or email from a client and the rave reviews she received when wearing one of my designs. 

So I heard a rumor that you are showing this September at New York Fashion week!!  Tell the readers how that came about and what can we expect to see!  Yes, I am so very excited!  Designer, Cesar Galindo, saw my designs and asked me if I was interested in being a part of NY Fashion week!  It is so very surreal to me!  My inspiration for the NY collection is the elements of the ocean with lots of texture and muted florals.  Very high-end resort wear for the sophisticated yet sexy woman!

What does the future hold for Roger Canamar designs?  My future plans are are to expand in the US and Europe with satellite stores in major cities globally.

For more information on Roger Canamar designs please email me at

Photo credit goes to: Merritt A. Vincent