A Multi Tasking Wardrobe

By Jules Aldaz, Fashion Editor

Davida LaHood is the wife of District Attorney Nico LaHood, and mom to three beautiful children — with, she recently announced, another on the way in early 2016.  She is a busy mom who finds time to contribute to autism charities, work as a fitness instructor and create Maya Love, a line of fitness clothing. When roaming through the wonders of her eclectic closet, you will find not too many pieces alike. The exception is her Converse tennis shoes, which she loves and says she cannot live without.  She owns many pairs in many different colors from Tiffany blue to camo print.  When speaking to Davida, you feel a tremendous amount of joy and energy emanating from her positive attitude toward life.

JA. Davida, tell me about your style.

DL. My style is how I feel that day and what my schedule is for the day.  I like to create outfits that are different but that allow me to be myself, have my own personal style and essence about who I am or what I am feeling.  While dressing each day, though, I do think about my children first.  I make sure that my outfit is cute but more so functional and comfortable because no matter what I will still be working with my children.  I style with many accessories to add a bit of funkiness to my wardrobe so that the rest can remain functional for bending down, picking up my children, carrying them and so forth.

JA. How has your style evolved over the years?

DL. I pretty much went from a bohemian, hippy type girl to now, as a mom, always thinking about how to dress so that I can feel comfortable with whatever I am doing with my children but also true to my inner bohemian style self.  I also live in my work out clothes because fitness is my passion and I am a fitness instructor.

JA. When you are not in your fitness attire, how do you find the clothes that are right for you?

DL. I love to shop sales and at all different types of stores.  I do not like to limit myself to certain stores or brands.  I feel it is important to find a good seamstress.  If I find something I like but they don’t have my size, then I will purchase it especially if it is on sale.  My seamstress will then tailor it to my body.  No limitations is my philosophy.

JA. Tell me about Maya Love and how you came up with the name.

DL. Maya Love is a combination of everything I love.  I love fashion, fitness and funky clothes.  Maya Love carries headbands, leggings in all different vibrant prints and colors as well as fitness tees and the very popular Frida T-shirts.  I came up with the name because my oldest daughter would sign everything she made me “maya love” instead of love Maya so it also represents family memories as well as in Spanish maya means leggings.  The line is inspired by Brazil & Colombia because I love all the bold prints.  It is too help motivate ladies to work out instead of just the boring black leggings.  The items I carry, are to help women feel confident while working out and add a little funk to their wardrobe.  You can find these fabulous items at local trunk shows throughout San Antonio.

JA. Name an accessory that you cannot live without.

DL. Scarves.  I love scarves.  I wear them around my neck, around my hair and tie them to the side to add a pop of color to a plain tee, or I wear them as a belt or as a bathing suit cover up if they are long enough.  I just simply have fun with them and of course I love all the beautiful colors you find them in.

JA. In conclusion, what is one fashion tip, other than the others you have already given to us, that you would like to leave our readers with.

DL. There are times when I have so much going on in one day from running around with my children, an afternoon charity luncheon to a business dinner for my husband at night.  You can take one base outfit and wear it with Converse tennis shoes during the day, switch out in the afternoon with a fun necklace and belt. To transition that same outfit  in the evening, for dinner, add a blazer and some heels and you are good to go and didn’t take hours to get ready.

You can also find Maya Love on Facebook.