S.A. Doctors: Best of 2015

The long-running debate regarding how to bring health insurance to the masses (if at all) doesn’t seem close to a resolution. Amidst the heated argument, one can lose sight of the fantastic work done by the medical community in our city.

Whether a patient just needs an annual check-up or a serious surgical procedure, whether a San Antonian needs specialized advice from allergists, internists or urologists (among many more), our city provides some of the best medical care in the country.

We asked thousands of Bexar County physicians and hundreds of dentists which of their peers they would refer for inclusion in S.A. Doctors: Best of 2015. They were allowed to name as many doctors as they wanted to for our list. Listings are grouped by practice specialties, and doctors are listed in alphabetical order within their specialties.

Read more in the December 2014 issue of S.A. Scene.