Bright Like the Sun

by Faith Duarte

One early October Saturday afternoon, I stand in line at Halcyon in Southtown before interviewing two members of post-rock quintet Bright Like the Sun. As I wait, I overhear two men standing behind me discuss details for tour dates next spring, and deduce they are Chris Etheredge and Rob Mochen, two guitarists from the band.

They head towards the far right side of the coffee shop as I expect a more serious and professional interview, much like their onstage personas. However, during the hour and a half that we sipped on iced coffee and they shared brunch, I was taken aback slightly to see a more playful side of them that fans get to see outside of their performances. I ask them if it’s a common reaction from fans who interact with them after their shows.

“Our music tends to be the more serious sides of our personalities, and when we’re on stage we take it very seriously,” Etheredge explains. “We don’t talk to the crowd much at all; we try to create an experience.”

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