Grenada: Unchanged Melody

by Barbara Barton Sloane

Skinny dipping? Here? How is that possible? I’ve just checked into Spice Island Beach Resort in Grenada and now a staff member is showing me to my room (OK, villa). Using a key, she opens the first of two doors and I find myself in a mini courtyard with a shimmering turquoise pool, a patio, a shaded sitting area and steps leading up to my lodgings. Private, concealed, a Caribbean Secret Garden—and for the duration of my stay, all mine. In this sunny, clandestine enclave, with or sans suit, pool, here I come!

Some islands, like people, luxuriate in their privacy. They lack no social graces and enjoy playing host to visitors but they’re also comfortable being left alone. This, in many ways, is Grenada, and the island’s character results, in part, from being a land of plenty: fishing nets heavy with tuna, mackerel and grouper and volcanic soil so rich that crops seem to spring from the soil as if by magic. Grenada’s interior is lush and mountainous, waterfalls cascade into sparkling swim-holes and monkeys gorge on papaya and bananas. Spices? Oh yes. The island is chock-a-block with nutmeg, ginger, vanilla, saffron, cinnamon, clove and allspice growing wild on verdant hillsides. All this has resulted in Grenada remaining unchanged for centuries.

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