Discarded, Not Forgotten

by Pamela Atherton

The San Antonio area’s neglected animals are lucky. There are champions fighting on their behalf. From the abused to the stray dogs and cats roaming our city streets to the farm animals abandoned in rural pastures, many dedicated local organizations are working to improve their lives. These groups’ ability to be effective is largely determined by where the animal is found. In spite of all the hard work, there remain sad tales of animal cruelty. Fortunately, the less-than-ideal outcomes are numbering fewer and area animals are receiving a second chance at having a home and family to care for them. Though many groups have made impressive achievements in a short amount of time, in their opinions, there is still room for improvement.

In a recent scenario, Sheriff’s deputies responded to a call regarding abused and neglected horses. They found 16 starving animals, left without food or water, in a pasture grazed down to dirt. Further inspection of the property revealed that help didn’t come soon enough for three other horses. Meadow Haven Horse Rescue, based in Nixon, Texas, removed the surviving animals with a court order. Under Texas Penal Code 42.09, the animals’ owner is charged with one count of animal cruelty, a Class A misdemeanor. After arriving at the horse rescue farm, one of the 16 died, its extreme starvation too advanced to respond to care. Other horses underwent treatment for the open wounds of sunburn, which will take months to heal.

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