Bottling a Wine Star

by Meredith Kay

It’s not usually a compliment to be called a “wino,” but I’m sure that my friends and I have qualified for this moniker on more than one occasion. W.C. Fields once stated, “I cook with wine. Sometimes I even add it to the food.” Although I can’t really imagine him in the kitchen, I can’t argue that good food and good wine together make one of life’s most natural combinations. They were meant to go together.

For one local lady, the love of wine has spilled over into a growing enterprise. Veronique Cecilia Barretto, or “Ceci” as her friends call her, is a Level 3 certified wine expert, and holds a master’s degree in Wine Business from the prestigious Burgundy School of Business in Dijon, France. She is the co-owner of Vinously Speaking Wine Shop in the Medical Center, and has been a valuable asset to the Texas Cooks’ Co-op, where she helps the cooks pair their culinary creations with the perfect wines, and eloquently describes and presents the wines between courses at their monthly events. Barretto is passionate about wine and she is enthusiastic in her conversations about wines, their origins and how to pair them with different dishes, cuisines and occasions.

Read more in the November 2013 issue of S.A. Scene.