Coming Soon to a Table Near You

by Meredith Kay

It’s no secret that San Antonio is in the midst of a culinary explosion. The Alamo City is on fire with food festivals, celebrated chefs and the opening of highly anticipated new restaurants. In fact, there are so many new restaurants opening this fall, that it might take until the New Year to try them all.

“Think Globally. Act Locally.” That seems to be the mission of our newest “restaurantrepreneurs.” With concepts ranging from pairing Asian street food with craft beer, to a multi-regional culinary tour of ancient Mexico, San Antonio’s most ambitious new chefs are pushing the limits of our gastronomic imaginations. It’s truly an exciting time to be a foodie here, and we now have many opportunities to explore the world through our palate, as these restaurants open their doors, and open our minds, to some delicious cuisines from around the world.

Read more in the October 2013 issue of S.A. Scene.