Football: The Un-free Market

by Ari Temkin

American ingenuity is the foundation on which this country was built. Our society extols the virtues of “The American Dream,” which is personified through our own capitalistic practices. In every area of our society, free market reigns supreme. Every area that is, except for college athletics—specifically football.

Capitalism in college sports does allow schools, administrators, coaches, affiliated conferences and sponsors to enjoy the fruits of labor, but not the cyclical labor force. This is a fact that has often been discussed and debated, but as litigation continues to move forward in a variety of ways, the movement for a full-scale change is ambling onward. Though it is the right move for many of the programs that generate massive profits off the backs of free labor to move for compensatory equality, local programs in San Antonio that have been either newly established or recently elevated might again be on the outside looking in.

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