Art in Skin

by Michelle McCullough

When you see someone walk down the street with a tattoo, what do you think? As with most things in life, some will judge, others will understand and the rest will observe.

Tattooing has been part of many cultures for centuries. It is a process requiring artistic detail, time and a reasonable pain tolerance. It is a symbol that can transcend cultural boundaries and provide a deeper understanding of an individual who is simply walking passed you on the street.

“Tattoos are definitely one of the most visible expressions of emotions without words. They say a picture tells a thousand words,” says Ricky Reyes, CEO/Founder of Roxtar Music. “Imagine how many words are in tattoos.”

In the Alamo City, there are many individuals who wear their heart on their sleeve—or torso, or leg. These everyday people are from all walks of life and are part of our community as CEOs, musicians, writers and probably any career that comes to mind.

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