A Food Network of Their Own

by Meredith Kay

Watching him plate the thin slices of cucumber with tweezers, so that it curled just right, was like watching a surgeon perform a delicate operation. His face was a study of intense concentration, as the guests eagerly awaited their next course, and the wine steward described the origin of the next wine tasting. It was an intimate group of diners for the July food-pairing event of the Texas Cooks’ Co-Op, and we chatted easily with one another as we marveled at the beautiful presentation, and the unique flavor profiles of the current dish.

Each month, since its inception in April of last year, this rogue band of culinary overachievers has taken the art of food to new heights again and again. The creation of The Texas Cooks’ Co-Op was inspired by the San Antonio Chefs’ Coalition, and allows sous chefs and line cooks to explore their own creative process. It has become an outlet for these young chefs to train, aspire and work toward securing their own positions as executive chefs, and for some, ultimately opening their own restaurants. The group was started by Rudolfo Martinez, head chef and owner of Tapa Tapa Food Truck, but each of the chefs in the group collaborate and work together as a team to plan and execute the monthly events.

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